Form Submit Demo

The Aerobatic form-submit plugin is an easy way to add form handling to your static site — perfect for contact forms, email subscribes, simple surveys, etc. Aerobatic stores your form submissions in a database that you an view in the dashboard. You can also configure that form submissions trigger other actions such as sending the form contents via email or posting to a webhook.

Forms are required to have a ReCAPTCHA for spam prevention. The Aerobatic server will validate the recaptcha code with Google behind the scenes.

Read the full documentation or view the source code for this demo.


There are different ways to use the plugin — a standard form that POSTs the whole page and redirects to a URL of your choosing, or you can use JavaScript and AJAX to post the form and stay on the same page.

Standard form AJAX form

To implement the form-submit plugin in your website, see the Aerobatic documentation.